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BMW offers on 2.600 units limited edition of the 3series sedan to customers with particularly high affinity for racing one: the BMW 320si. The special model with M sport package and 18" wheels in the Design of the running version is equipped with a highly turning 2.0 litre four-cylinder engine, which carries 127 KW/173 out HP with 7000 U/min. This performance is good for a maximum speed of 225 km/h and the traffic light start in only 8.1 seconds on speed 100.

The standard M sport package contained apart from the sporty chassis tuning the aerodynamics package with modified bumpers and sidesmolder-learn, sport seats, M leather steering wheel, M footrest, fog headlight and interieur in aluminum. The standard tariff comes also with 18" wheels with 225/40R18 and/or 255/35R18 tires.

The radial styling 216 of the 8 and/or 8.5 tariff broad rims with "BMW Motorsport" Logo comes from the FIA World Touring Car Championship Version (WTCC). Beside the mirror caps in Shadowline high polish refers the chromium-plated exhaust embellisher to the special status of the BMW 320si. That the red range at the speedometer begins only at 7300 U/min and is enough to 8000 U/min, is a further indication for the fact that it has this more 3series particularly in itself.

BMW 320si

Additionally to the six colors, in which the M sport package is offered to 3series sedan, the 320si can be ordered exclusively also in carbon black metallic. Principal item of the exclusive edition model is the high speed engine with four cylinders and 2.0 litres capacity, which carries 127 kW/173 out HP with 7000 U/min and makes with 4250 U/min a torque available of 200 Nm.

In relation to the mass production version the cylinder drilling was increased at the same time by 1.0 mm (85 mm) and the stroke around 2.0 mm (88 mm) was made smaller. The pistons run instead of in cast in grey cast iron sockets in added sockets from a special aluminum alloy. The crank gear differs in addition by more rigid piston rods as well as a strengthened Bedplate construction.

With the conception of the high speed aggregate the engine developers did without the full-variable valve impulse VALVETRONIC. They fell back instead of its to a conventional valve gear with two lying above cam shafts, drag levers and four valves per cylinder. By be void numerous moved construction units guarantees the valve impulse both in the edition model, and in the running employment a high rigidity and precision with extremely high numbers of revolutions.

Components from the Formula-1-Factory the cylinder head is a complete reconstruction. The blank castings were develop in the Formular-1-Foundry in the BMW Factory at Landshut. Computer-controlled machine tools work on the in and discharge opening channels as well as the combustion chambers with highest precision and surface quality. This leads together with the larger valves and the adapted flange contours on the in and discharge opening side for the optimal air/fuel mixture. Special spark plugs introduce finally, from single ignition coils steered, the burn procedures. For increase in output around 17 kW/23 HP carries also from 10,5 on 11,0: 1 increased compression. The engine can however still be beaconed with premium fuel (95 RON).

Formular-1-Technologie hides itself in addition, in other engine components, like for example to the drag levers . They are coated in a procedure, which was developed particularly for the BMWS Formular-1-Engines. The four-cylinder in the new special model reached its achievement output of 127 kW/173 HP with 7000 U/min. The maximum permissible engine speed is limited on 7300 U/min. By the suction plant with variable suction tube lengths (DISA) and variable cam shaft adjustment (Bi-Vanos) the torque rises evenly up to a maximum of 200 Nm, which stands with 4250 U/min ready. In order to carry for the high thermal load in the racing employment calculation, the cooling agent guidance was particularly optimized in the cylinder head by large cross sections. The watercooler of the six cylinder models provides a better balanced heat balance. The cylinderheadhood from carbon material CFK this construction unit in view optics demonstrated not only the proximity makes, separates an important contribution for the weight reduction of approximately 10 kg in the comparison to the BMW 320i to the motorsport lowers by weight reductions at the highest point at the same time the engine emphasis. The engines installed in the engine factory Hams resound by specialists predominantly by hand and afterwards in-steered when assembly assembling in the BMW factory Munich. The BMW 320si is offered both and left -, and and right steering wheels exclusively for the European market. Sprotily and sovereign handling the six-course transmission of the BMW 320si is in such a way laid out that the maximum speed is reached of 225 km/h in the sixth gear. The sporty sedan with an unloaded weight of 1350 kg (DIN) sprintet from the conditions in only 8.1 seconds on speed 100. For the intermediate spurt in the fourth course of 80 to 120 km/h it needs only 7.7 seconds. The BMW 320si fulfills naturally all requirements of the Euro 4 gas standard and uses in the European Union consumption goodses 8.9 l/100 km. The new edition model is in such a way conceived that the driver can experience the proximity to the motorsport closer. The four-cylinder with high engine speed reacted very spontaneously to the pressure on the accelerotor pedal and gives itself still more agiler than in the BMW 320i.

It steps acoustically full of seeds and strong on without to disturb, hangs well on the gas and is in such a way co-ordinated that the desire for more achievement is immediately met. Sportily ambitionierte drivers appreciate it in addition that when gas taking away one adjusts itself compared with engines with VALVETRONIC stronger braking action of the engine. This circumstance is to be attributed to the fact that the load price increase is made by a conventional butterfly valve. In connection with the short rear axle ratio (4,10) and the M sport chassis with 18-Zoll-Wheels can be moved to the BMW 320si very sportily, without coming the frontier too near. Owing to the even axle load distribution the exclusive sportsman convinces by balanced handling and high fun factor. Experienced test pilots complete a round on the legendary north loop of the Nuerburgring with the BMW 320si in less than nine minutes. In order to carry for increased engine performance calculation, the BMW 320si is equipped with a larger brake assembly. Ventilated disc brakes with 16" diameter provide in front and in the back for optimal delay. In addition the vehicle is equipped with larger wheel bearings. The production of the BMW 320si, which will cost 32.150 euro, limited on 2600 units, starts in the spring 2006. Its world premiere will celebrate the sporty more ér in March 2006 on the automobile salon in Geneva. BMWS dealers accept orders however already starting from December 2005.

The motorsport version of the BMWS 320si will be used 2006 in the context of the FIA World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) and further running series world-wide, which are delivered after the Super-2000-Rules. With it BMW continues also 2006 the tradition of many years of the customer sport. In no discipline BMW could achieve so far as many successes as in the touring car championchips. 24 European champion titles with FIA descriptor as well as the profit of the to date only WM 1987 and the new edition 2005 - in such a way the impressing balance of the mark BMW reads. In the past two years BMW with the 320i in the route car European championship won the manufacturer valuation and 2004 also the driver title. 2005 could be gotten the WM title both in the mark and in the driver valuation (Andy Priaulx) to Munich. This success history is to update now the motorsport version of the BMW 320si.
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